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A Detailed Walkthrough of Information Technology

The Basics
  1. Components of a Computer System
  2. Computer Information Processing
  3. Use of Multimedia
  4. Networking Basics
  5. Programming fundamentals
  6. Technoiethics
Advanced fields on Information Technology
  1. Advanced Algorithm and Programming
  2. Data Communication and Network Security Management
  3. Web authoring and development
  4. Databases
On further studies


Welcome to A Detailed Walkthrough of Information Technology. This tutorial is a easy to understand, partially completed, introduction to Information Technology. It covers all the elementary concepts of information technology, as well as some of the advanced and specific fields of Information Technology.

After this tutorial, you will develop elementary knowledge and understanding of the range and organisation of computer systems, the interrelationships between hardware, software and data, and you would be able to use programming and various IT methods for problem-solving.